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What is IPTV apps and how does it work?

Today, there are various technologies for transmitting television programs. As a rule, channels are transmitted terrestrially or via satellite.

Hertzian transmission: Television is received through an antenna mounted on the roof of the house. Today, everything has been switched to digital broadcasting with Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), which is transmitted through transmitters and repeater antennas throughout the city.

Satellite transmission: Television is received via satellite dish and satellite demodulator. It is available throughout France and provides access to numerous French and foreign channels and packages.
The disadvantage of these two technologies is that viewers have no control over channel programming. They cannot watch what they want and when they want. Programming times are strictly predetermined, and programs must follow a certain schedule. Unless the viewer what is dtren has a recording device that allows them to save their chosen content.

However, a new computer protocol has been developed to replace traditional broadcast protocols. It is called IPTV, or Internet Protocol TeleVision. This type of transmission uses the existing telephone network (in the case of ADSL) or a special network that is still under construction (in the case of fiber optics) to transmit television over the Internet protocol. Through an Internet connection, IPTV offers the viewer not only the ability to select the content they are interested in, but also to watch it at any time.

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