Internet and WIFI for speed the access of my Smart TV

Internet on my Smart TV: Why?

Did you think you were connected to the Internet through your TV and Internet box? Think again, because in reality this Internet function must be activated in advance and is only available if your TV is equipped with a smart function.
With a connected TV you’ll be able to browse the Internet, watch shows or series time-shifted, but also use a number of social tools such as Skype, Twitter or Facebook. To get access to these services, there are several solutions.


My Smart TV: a way to see the Internet on the TV.

As mentioned above, only TVs equipped with the Smart function allow you to watch the Internet on your TV. Smart TVs are simply TVs that can connect to the Internet through an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi connection. Big brands like Samsung or LG are positioning themselves in this niche.
The difference with older TVs is fundamental. In the past, one only had to deal with a receiver that broadcast a video signal to the screen. Now, interactivity between the user and the device is complete and new services can be accessed: Games, applications, Internet, storage services, etc.

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How do I get Internet on my Smart TV?

The RJ45 cable connection!

The first solution to get Internet on the TV is to run an RJ45 Ethernet cable between the TV and the Internet box. This is a wired connection, which is convenient if the Internet box is not far from the TV.

Wi-Fi connection via the box

If it is not possible to connect the TV to the Internet box via cable, a Wi-Fi connection can be used. This requires the WPA security key, which is usually provided by the Internet service provider (ISP).
For the best possible speed and if you want to connect your TV to the Wi-Fi signal in an area far from the router, you can use the services of a PLC kit. With this device, the internet signal is routed through the sockets and can thus be transmitted more easily in the home.


    Some useful accessories

    Don’t have a Smart TV and don’t know how to use the internet on your TV? You can still fool yourself by having a device near your TV. For example, you can receive an internet signal via a games console.

    Internet on my smart TV: What I can do

    As we saw above, a Smart TV allows you to access many services such as internet access, games and apps. You can also access VOD (Video on Demand) services such as Netflix at any time. In addition, you have access to reruns of the main national channels, so you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want.

    How to improve or speed up the Internet speed on a Smart TV.

    With the advent of streaming services, there has been an increased interest in connecting to the Internet through the TV. If you use a Smart TV, you should know that it has its own operating system, depending on the brand. So, if you want to increase your Internet speed, we recommend you to follow the steps below.

    Know the minimum Internet speed for playing content on a Smart TV.

    First of all, it is important to know what is the minimum internet speed required for smooth playback on a smart TV. This should be between 2 and 4 Mbps.
    However, if you want to know the real speed of your connection, you can visit any website that performs a speed test. This way, you’ll get a real number that will help you determine whether you need to improve your connection or not.


    Each country has several network-connection provided by different agencies and what you should do as a client is to look for the best network-connection provider. That’s will help you decreasing the network problems and offer you the entertainment you’re looking for as well.

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