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Features of the IPTV subscription for Smart IPTV Premium APK:

  • In a few of hours, you’ll have your order (2 hours max)
  • 40,000 channels from across the globe and 6,000 VOD movies and TV shows from around the world (including the United States, Arabic countries, and Asian countries).
  • The best customer service and support on the market
  • Activation is fully supported regardless of device kind.
  • The greatest IPTV servers, with high-definition feeds and no buffering.

Smarters Pro VS Smart IPTV Premium

Smart IPTV Premium APK:

Smart IPTV Premium App offer its users the access to thousands of international live TV channels from all over the world, as well as a VOD library with the trendy movies and series!!

In addition, Smart IPTV Premium apk includes other features such as the time-shift live TV, which allowing you to watch the missed videos or live shows when you are available.

The Smart IPTV Premium application supports the best qualities of watching.

Smart IPTV Premium Player is suggested for football lovers especially that we are about to welcome the FIFA World Cup 2022, so, it's your chance to knot miss the vibe of the competition. With a Smart IPTV subscription code, you will be able to fully appreciate the fairy competition of the World Cup and the European seasons from your home and wherever you are.

All your family members will be happy with The Smart IPTV Premium Subscription which provides all the categories of TV shows and TV programs. Everyone in the family will watch all his/her favorites.

You will defeat the bore with dozens of international stations, you can change to another channel whenever you feel bored.

For those who enjoy binge watching, the video on demand library has the newest movies and TV shows.

IPTV36k the best IPTV services' provider offer you the Smart IPTV Premium subscription with 24h free trial.

Download your IPTV APP here

Smart IPTV premium subscription supports the following devices:

The Smart IPTV Premium is an excellent IPTV application with a simple UI. It also works with a broad variety of devices.

The following is a list of the most common devices that support Smart IPTV App.

  • For users who wish to watch their IPTV subscriptions, smart TVs are the best option. Samsung and LG smart TVs are among the most popular choices throughout the world.
  • The app is also compatible with computers. When it comes to computers, you have a lot of alternatives.
  • Many people use Android Boxes as well, which are excellent options.
  • Android tablets and smartphones are examples of Android devices.
  • Apple devices are compatible with the Smart IPTV app.

The Smart IPTV Premium APK can be used on any device that isn't on the list.

Install and activate the Smart IPTV application on Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers' devices

To use an IPTV subscription on Samsung, LG, and other Smart TVs, you usually need to use the Smart IPTV application. This application is also available for IPTV Box in Play Store. The installation method on the IPTV Box is different, but the subscription and activation of the app remain the same.

Most importantly, more than this app is needed to get TV channels; you must have an IPTV subscription before following this guide. This app only replaces the Android set-top box you bought. If you don't already have a subscription, you can read my article to find your IPTV subscription. The app thus allows you to manipulate files/URLs called "m3u playlists". Each IPTV and internet service provider has its own playlist.

Installing Smart IPTV on a Smart TV

Your TV must be connected to the Internet.

Log into the Smart Hub. On Samsung TV it is the multicolored button, otherwise the Home button).

Then open the App Market. Here you can download many apps for your TV.

You should find the Smart IPTV app among the most downloaded apps.

Click on the Download button.

Wait for a while and then click Install.

Finally, click Execute

Difference between IPTV Smarters Pro versus Tivimate Premium

Tivimate premium and IPTV Smarters Pro are accessible on Android smartphones, and practically all of their features are in line with what users want, making it simple for users to select which software gets updated first or by whom. Let's attempt to compare them based on their characteristics, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Tivimate vs. IPTV Smarters Pro

The two top IPTV Player shows are constantly competing technically. Tivimate premium VS IPTV Smarters Pro are two independent apps that offer some of the highest quality viewings when playing IPTV links. What actually separates these two apps, then?

IPTV Smarters Pro

Has two versions: Free and Paid. The paid version of IPTV Smarters Pro offers VCR video recording.

Supports any Android device, Android, Windows (PC), or Mac OS, and Nvidia Shield TV.

Its Strengths
  • Permit users to add as many as 4 profiles.
  • It has a facility for multi-screen watching.
  • Accepts EPG (Electronic Program Guide).
  • Xtream Codes API is compatible with this.
  • It also supports URL and M3U files.
  • It is totally safe and legal to use.
  • This is available for free download and use (some features are premium).
  • The remote control is simple to use.
  • Has the ability to record digital video (DVR).
Its weaknesses
  • This is not available on the Amazon App Store yet.
  • Parental Control is paid which is a very bad thing.


Tivimate Premium Player

The premium version of TiviMate supports multiple playlists. There is also the free version of Tivimate.

It supports Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device.

Its Strengths
  • Xtream Codes API, Stalker Portal, and M3U Playlist are supported.
  • It is much simpler to use because it is made for the TV.
  • current user interface that is simple and easy to use.
  • provides a 14-day electronic program guide.
  • Support for separate external players for live channels and video on demand.
  • Switch between channels or the programs that are now airing.
  • provides numerous features for supporting playlists (for the premium version).
  • The user can bookmark their preferred TV channels.
  • plays any channel you choose on the app with a launch.
Its weaknesses
  • Free users have no access to various playlist options.
  • In the free edition, EPG doesn't update automatically.
  • The Amazon App Store does not currently have it.

More information on Smart IPTV Premium App may be found here:

The Smart IPTV Premium subscription may be accessed from almost anywhere in the globe. As long as your internet connection is stable, you may view IPTV.

The internet speed must be at least 4 megabits per second. It's highly probable that you're having problems buffering because of a slow internet connection.

When many devices in your home share the same router, they might consume a lot of bandwidth, leaving you with nothing to watch on your IPTV device. Check to see if any of your other household electronics are interfering with your IPTV viewing.

Furthermore, because Ethernet connection is more reliable than WIFI, we strongly recommend connecting to the router through Ethernet cable.

A speed test may rapidly identify your internet connection speed.

All what you may want to know about the Smart IPTV Premium subscription:

Will I get Smart IPTV Premium m3u codes?

When you purchase the Smart IPTV Premium subscription, you will get everything you need. The subscription includes M3U connections and other useful information. You will be contacted with your support.

What to do if the channels loading?

Check twice a few items to make sure everything is running properly, you'll need to:

  • Make sure the M3u link is working on your device by checking it with VLC player.
  • Make sure the app is active.
  • To refresh the DNS, reboot the router.
  • Restart Smart IPTV Premium by re-entering the URL.

Is there any gadgets followed the subscription?

The Smart IPTV Premium subscription does not include any hardware or associated devices. Only IPTV services are available with the subscription.

Is it possible to get a refund?

IPTV36K provides its clients a for 24 hours FREE IPTV TRIAL; it is recommended that you taste through the trial before purchasing any of our IPTV services. However, if you buy one of our subscriptions and the ID we provided you did not work for any reason, you may contact us for a full refund. If we can confirm that your id isn't working, our support staff will check your case and reimburse you.

Is it possible to use a single subscription on many devices?

You're only permitted to use one device per subscription. However, you can use it on different devices but not in the same time.

Will there be any potential issues?

Smart IPTV Premium's servers are extremely dependable and capable of handling massive volumes of traffic. However, changes may occur from time to time, causing the service to be unavailable for a little period of time. This is not a permanent situation.

– During the 1-year membership period of Smart IPTV Premium subscription, free tech assistance is accessible 24/24 hours and along the week.

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