OTT Platinum IPTV Affordable Subscription


Ordering an IPTV OTT PLATINUM subscription gives you access to more than 18,000 channels and 12,000+ VOD. The OTT PLATINUM server is compatible with any device or application.

OTT PLATINUM is the most stable IPTV system and offers a variety of picture qualities including SD, HD, FHD, etc. OTT PLATINUM iptv subscription provides a list of channels according to the end user’s needs.

The provider adapts the OTT PLATINUM panel to the needs of the reseller and provides 24/7 support.

Order iptv OTT PLATINUM subscription on our store in all countries, secure payment by PayPal or credit card, reliable and fast customer service.

OTT PLATINUM iptv subscriptions are compatible with all devices and applications. In addition, our servers are constantly updating the VOD database and the list of offered channels.

Our consultants can assist you in setting up and installing channels. All you have to do is contacting us.

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OTT Platinum runs on Android/Compatible with all devices

- Smart TV / Apple TV

- Android Box / Fire Stick

- Smartphone / iPhone

- Tablet / Ipad

- Computer / MacOS


Features of OTT Platinum: 

  • Over 18,000 live channels
  • Affordable price only 27.05$ for 1 year
  • One connection with the standard plan
  • VOD on demand 
  • Not IP location locked
  • Major sports channels
  • PPV
  • Adult
  • Popular news networks
  • Favorites manager
  • 24/7 channels
  • Catchup


Warning! VPN to protect yourself

Many cable TV enthusiasts use VPNs, and for good reason.

Some IPTV services and app developers are linked to organized crime and you don't want your IP address to fall into their hands.

If you do not use a VPN, your IP address will be recorded.

Your IP address is linked to your location and identity, compromising your privacy and security.

Your actual IP address becomes your new anonymous address.

VPNs provide an anonymous connection to the Internet.

It prevents IPTV developers, ISPs, government agencies and other third parties from recording what you access on the internet.

The most popular VPN among cord cutters is Surfshark, thanks to its amazing speed and zero logging.

It is important to use a fast VPN as you will be streaming large HD files. It is also very important that ISPs do not store logs of their subscribers' internet access.


Frequently asked questions about OTT Platinum

What is OTT Platinum?

OTT Platinum is an IPTV service that offers live channels at affordable prices.

What channels are available on OTT Platinum?

It is an IPTV service offering more than 9,000 channels in a variety of categories, including news, entertainment, sports and international.

How much does OTT Platinum cost?

This IPTV service costs $27.05 per year for a standard plan with one connection. Additional plans are also available.

On which devices can this IPTV service be installed?

This IPTV service can be installed on any Android device - Amazon Firestick, Fire TV and all Android devices.


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