Number of smartphones’ users around the world increased each year to reach billions of users as well as the IPTV for smartphones increased. Lot of individuals prefer watching TV on their Phones instead of TV. And that’s because of long time they spend on smartphone.   

IPTV: IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a form of television transmitted over the Internet over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. It is ideal, for example, for watching on a computer from abroad from a smartphone, tablet or PC. 


The term IPTV includes live TV, VOD, games on demand, GoD or cloud-based games and catch-up TV services. 

IPTV or Live TV uses an IP multicast solution to send real-time information to multiple people. VoD and Replay use a unicast IP solution with a single stream on demand. 

What is IPTV? 

Simply put, an ISP pulls TV programs to its server to centralize them and transmit them to you over the Internet (IPTV). You need a powerful server to send these streams and a player on your side to read them. 

IPTV on your Samsung or LG TV 

On my Samsung TV, this feature is not free: you have to pay for Smart IPTV and a Mac TV address, which you have to send to the provider who opens the streams for you. 

IPTV on your Android smartphone or tablet. 

My favorite solution ^^, I installed the IPTV Smart app on my tablet. 

Launch the IPTV Smart app: 

+ Add User

Upload a playlist or file/URL

Name the playlist: Whatever you want 

Playlist Type: M3U URL for me (which you can get from the Internet or your ISP). 

Add user: Like this ^^ 

IPTV on a Windows PC 

Download the M3U file to your computer (you can get it from the Internet or from your ISP).

-Right click and open it with VLC

-After starting the channel, right click on the video, playlist and one of the channels that will be included in the stream. 


Want to know more about IPTV apps available for your smartphone or tablet? Then take a look at the list of additional apps we have prepared below. We sincerely hope you find one that satisfies your needs.

IPTV Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

GoIPTV M3U (Android/iOS/iPadOS) – This is a free resource available for both Android and iPhone/iPadOS that allows you to watch any IPTV playlist. Depending on your needs, you can download playlists via FTP, HTTP server, or M3U format links. 

IP Television – IPTV M3U (Android/iOS/iPadOS) – This application by an Italian developer allows you to watch IPTV on your mobile device. The user interface is very well designed and attractive. Otherwise, it is very easy to use, you can add channel lists as you like, and there are many playback options. It is free for Android, but must be purchased for iOS/iPadOS (in euros). The app must also be purchased to unlock some additional features, such as ad removal. 

IPTV Smarters Pro (Android/iOS/iPadOS) is an IPTV app that can also import external IPTV lists, supports Chromecast streaming and picture-in-picture mode, and can record TV channel content. 


    Install an IPTV subscription on your Android device: Smartphone, Tablet, Box TV 

    There are many apps available on Android, both free and private (paid), in the PlayStore, so there is plenty of choice. However, we have selected two apps that are free and easy to use for those who do not want to struggle with finding and testing the best paid apps, these two apps are called Perfect Player IPTV or XTREAM IPTV, follow the small steps below for each app. 

    Perfect Player IPTV for Android Smartphone 

    On your Android device, go to the PlayStore, search for and download the Perfect Player IPTV app. 

    Once the app is launched, click on the little wheel and go to the app settings. Select “Main”, then “Playlist 1”, enter the subscription URL you were sent, check M3U, and click OK. 

    When you return to the app interface, all channels are loaded and all you have to do is enjoy your subscription.

    XTREAM IPTV For Android Smartphone 

    Go to the PlayStore on your Android device, locate and download the XTREAM IPTV app.  

    Once you launch the app, you will need to enter the URL, username, and password for your subscription (this information will be sent to you after purchase). 


    You will see a menu with a list of different channels and a list of VIDEOS ON DEMAND (movies and TV series), all you have to do is selecting your favorite program. 

    Why should you use a VPN for your IPTV? 

    With a VPN, you can change your IP address and remain anonymous by connecting to a remote server that connects to the Internet for you. 

    Advantages of VPN over IPTV 

    -You really don’t know where the stream your computer or smartphone is coming from. 

    -Change your IP to another IP (which is no longer yours). 

    -Access international channels from abroad by connecting to VPN (Try with IPTV36K). 

    IPTV providers underground 

    As a new trend, it is becoming a real business, and when we find free offerings (i.e. servers and services with limited bandwidth), we usually find paid (and often dubious) offerings that provide a bit more “stability”.  


    You might want to check our Multi-support subscriptions.


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