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What is IPTV Industry

In brief, IPTV is a digital service for the smart devices including Smart TV. The main goal of IPTV is to build the dream worldwide view-content and which create the entertainment of the Viewer. In other words, using IPTV services allow you to be the Control-Remote of your view world.

on details: 

VDO it’s the abbreviation of video on demand 

This IPTV service allows you to watch your favorite show and movie on your proper time. There are lot of private VOD providers such us Disney, Amazon Prim, and the famous Netflix. Some of this mentioned examples allow you to suggest your ideas to the administer of content.

You can also benefit from the live TV if you use IPTV service

For example, if you’re someone who love sport, you can go for a subscription on the popular sports’ channels that are broadcasting live match and all the sport’s news (such as BIEN-S-P-O-R-T-S).


What does iptv M3U refer to?

The M3U list derived from MP3 URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Indeed, it’s a premium in which audio playlists are played on a smart device. However, IPTV industry has been developed the format to reach video playlist and media player in general.
IPTV industry offers you the best free IPTV M3U list for your smart devices. Where now you can add watch-lists to your playlist and VOD as well.

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How can I get free IPTV M3U list and how M3U Files could be opened on my device

The M3U list is opened through a digital app or program that should be downloaded on your device. The high competition in this area and racing for who will offer the best app for opening M3U list, made the app-and-program platforms full of different services. But you as a user, you should stick to the proper one according to your device (For example: if an app works on Android, it doesn’t mean that it will work on IOS).
These are some famous apps and programs that supports free IPTV M3U list:


Microsoft Groove Music
Included with OS
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Included with OS
VideoLAN VLC media player
Nullsoft Winamp
Apple iTunes — Discontinued
Media Player Classic
RealNetworks RealPlayer 20/20



VideoLAN VLC media player


VideoLAN VLC media player


VideoLAN VLC for Mobile
Oka Apps Omni Player


Videolabs VLC for Android


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    This is how you can set-up IPTV on your device for TV streams

    First, you should find a free IPTV M3U player. You can find lot on different app stores and platforms. There are two types of services the Free one (allows you to download your M3U format free) and Private one (you pay before using the M3U opened files). As a user, you shouldn’t focus on the type of the service otherwise you should use the great one for your device and if it’s new on the store it could be better. (of course, after you test the app, you will than prove its efficiency and vice versa).
    Some users of iOS, Mac, or TVos found difficulties to find the free IPTV MU3 list (player) that is supported by their device. Here, I will add the TV Streams to the above-mentioned list. It’s an application in which you can add channels, content and VOD to your Playlist (still, you can search on Google or on the known App Stores)
    Keep in Mind: All the mentioned apps and M3U programs are just used as an example, I can’t confirm which is best. All the information of the content is just to make it easy for you to know more about IPTV Industry.

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    How to order your Free iptv M3U list

    When you have download M3U app, you select your videos on demand and add it to your free iptv M3U list. Then, you can create files on your iptv M3U player and rename it according to its content. So that, it will be easy for you to access and move between your iptv M3U list.

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