How can I access the EPG using IPTV? 

IPTV means television via an Internet connection. It offers its users television channels to watch, both live and recorded. IPTV also offers other features such as EPG. What is EPG in IPTV and how do I use it? 

What is EPG for IPTV? 

EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide. When you watch a movie or TV series on IPTV, the EPG gives you various information, such as 

  • The title of the movie or series 
  • A short summary of the story 
  • The names of the actors. 

The EPG can also show you the titles of upcoming episodes or programs. It also allows you to: 


  • Set the recording of a particular program or programs, which you can also watch with a time shift. 
  • With this information, you can better choose which programs you want to watch. This will save you time. 
  • Watch what is happening on other channels without changing channels or switching. 


How do I set the EPG in IPTV? 

To get EPG in IPTV, you need to know that the channels must be preset in the receiver. Therefore, just press the right direction button on the remote control of the receiver. This will give you access to detailed information about the programs you are watching. However, you can also set the EPG by clicking on the “Set EPG” button in the IPTV window. This process may take some time, but all you need is a good Internet connection. 

How can we install the code  

IPTV is television via Internet broadcasting. It’s important to know that Internet access is now very easy for people of all ages. That’s why we should think about installing a parent code on IPTV, because there is inappropriate content for some people. So, how can we implement parental code in IPTV? 

What is the reason for installing a parental control code for IPTV? 

IPTV abounds with hundreds of TV channels. Among these channels, there are some that require a minimum age for use. There are two all too obvious reasons to install a parental control code for IPTV: 


To change the results displayed when you connect to IPTV. Because children have access to the Internet, and some of them are also very advanced, you need to limit their access with a parental code because there are images or videos they shouldn’t see. 

Limit the amount of time they can watch online videos. It is important to install a parental control code on IPTV for both adults and children because if they spend too much time online, it will be detrimental to their health, both physically and mentally. 

How do I set a parental code on IPTV? 

Setting a parental code on IPTV is very easy: 

  • Go to Menu and is carrot top on steroids then to Settings. 
  • Open Parental Controls. 
  • Set a four-digit password 
  • Choose one or more channels to block 

You can unlock channels at any time by entering a four-digit code. It is possible to unlock them for a certain period of time.                                                                      

    how to install iptv on iphone 

    IPTV is a new way to stream TV channels over the Internet, over cable or Wi-Fi. The app can be used on a variety of media, such as Smart TVs, computers and even smartphones. How do I install IPTV on my iPhone? 


    How to install IPTV on Iphone? 

    IPTV is easy to install on all models of cell phones. You need to subscribe to IPTV in advance. Please note that most Iphone apps are not free, but they are cheap. So to install IPTV on your Iphone, you need to : 

    • Open the App Store and then click “Search” by typing xstreamiptv. 
    • Click on “Install” and then on “Open” once you find the app. 
    • Go to “Download Channels Manually” and change the name of the playlist. 
    • Under “Enter URL,” enter the M3U link that IPTV reported after you subscribe, and then save. 

    The installation is now complete. You can now fully enjoy your IPTV subscription. 


    What are the benefits of the IPTV app on your Iphone? 

    An IPTV subscription offers you thousands of TV channels that you can enjoy throughout the day according to your desires and the needs of your family. You have a wide selection of programs, shows, movies or series.  It must be said that this offer has certain advantages, namely that: 


    You can watch programs broadcast through IPTV anywhere. 

    You can watch movies and TV series via a Wi-Fi connection. 

    You can also watch them at any time. 

    How to add IPTV channels on 2500hd plus big screen? 

    Nowadays there are many ways to watch different TV programs. Namely, you can choose to watch only live TV shows or just have access to IPTV with various live and recorded channels. How can I add IPTV channels to a 2500HD screen or higher? 

    And how could IPTV channels be added to a 2500HD+ giant screen? 

    IPTV is popular in large parts of society today. Moreover, it is a concept that most TV channels have adopted to increase their ratings. However, to add IPTV channels on a big screen, you ideally need to contact the provider, otherwise it will be considered an illegal act. If there are any problems with adding channels, the provider can solve them immediately. In any case, an Internet connection is required to receive IPTV. 

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